Virtual Xperience (“VX”) helps people explore and experience real estate in innovative and efficient ways. Based in NYC, VX creates ultra photo-realistic, first-person digital experiences that immerse the user in an interactive, virtual space. Step inside the world of virtual real estate with these interactive, 3D environments that deliver on the promise of virtual reality.

With a focus on exceptional user experience and customer ROI, VX creates value by bringing real estate professionals and their clients together more frequently and more efficiently to complete transactions.

VX technology delivers value to a wide array of industries and sectors, including residential sales & rentals, new developments, commercial, pre-construction architecture, and hospitality, among others. VX solutions are user-friendly, affordable, and challenge industry standards. See for yourself. Step inside.



Jeff Maurer, Founder & CEO 2015-12-16 LinkedIn Icon

Jeff first conceived of Virtual Xperience when buying a home with his wife. His next call was to Steph. Now Jeff leads the VX team, coordinating everyone’s passion and talents. Jeff enjoys connecting people with useful, sustainable products.

Stephanie Davis, Founder & COO 2015-12-16 LinkedIn Icon

Steph is a licensed real estate broker with $145 million in sales. She leads the company’s growth and development initiatives. As an early social media adopter, Steph enjoys leveraging new technologies in real estate to better serve her clients and the industry.

Tate Hawkersmith, Founder & Director of R&D 2015-12-16 LinkedIn Icon

Tate leads the company’s innovation and R&D. As a “millennial”, Tate can’t remember a time before computers and video games. He even built his own video arcade machine, and loaded it with his favorite games. Tate enjoys working on virtual reality technologies.

Owen, CIO

Owen is a standard nerd in the IT industry. Within each 15 minute period there isn’t a key on the keyboard he hasn’t touched except for the Windows one. He enjoys building and breaking things, and works closely with Tate to deliver Virtual Xperience products to clients. When Owen’s not working, he enjoys procrastination and cycling.

Anthony Fox, Director of Production 2015-12-16 LinkedIn Icon

Anthony brings a background in video games with experience in VR games, as well as console and PC pipeline knowledge. As Director of Production, he’s right at home with deadlines, projects, teams, and communications. Not sure if Anthony knows there are only 24 hours in one day.