How do I move around and look around in the Virtual Xperience interactive visualization?

You can move around using the arrow keys and WASD keys. You can look around by using a USB mouse, trackpad, game controller, or joystick. To activate the keyboard keys, you may need to click in the white space at the bottom. Finally, you can use the space bar to jump, and the “X” button or “X” key to open certain doors.


Why does my browser ask me to “hide mouse cursor”?

You can choose either option and still use the Virtual Xperience interactive visualization. Many users prefer hiding their mouse cursors because it’s easier to maneuver and look around.

How do I see my mouse cursor again?

Press the “ESC” escape key on your keyboard, and most browsers will display your mouse cursor again.

Do I need a 64-bit web browser?

Yes. In order to process the large, interactive visualizations, you will need a more powerful 64-bit browser. The entire industry is moving in this direction, but many people still have legacy 32-bit browsers. You may need to upgrade to a 64-bit browser, for which there are many options among popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge.

Where can I get a 64-bit browser?

We recommend using one of these 64-bit browsers:

Google Chrome (latest 64-bit version)
Firefox (latest 64-bit version)
Microsoft Edge

Why does the interactive visualization take so long to load?

Different users will experience different load times, depending on a wide range of factors (Internet connection, location, time of day, computer hardware, etc). We recommend using the fastest possible connection, which is typically a hard-wired Ethernet connection.

Are there minimum specs for my computer hardware?

Yes, you will need a computer with a graphics card that is compatible with DirectX 11. We can help you determine if your graphics card qualifies, so please contact us. We also recommend using the latest computer hardware (PC or Mac), meeting or exceeding these specifications:
• Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X Mavericks or later
• Intel i5 or equivalent AMD processor
• 4 GB RAM

What’s the “unknown developer” message when I try to open the interactive visualization on my Mac?

When opening a Virtual Xperience interactive visualization on your Mac, you may see this message, depending on your security settings: “Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers.” You can create one-time or permanent exceptions to launch the Virtual Xperience program. Detailed support is available at

What’s the innovation strategy at Virtual Xperience?

We continue to optimize the Virtual Xperience product so that it’s faster, more easily accessible, and more broadly accessible, all without compromising the quality and experience you expect.